Things You Should Consider When Hosting A Dinner This Period

Before COVID-19, remembering who was vegan and who was gluten-free was the most stressful thing about hosting a dinner. Things have now gotten slightly more nuanced.

No one is eating out at restaurants or throwing lavish dinner parties with extended family and friends with the outbreak of coronavirus. However, even with the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans who gave their feedback on CollectedReviews admitted that they held dinner at home with a sizable number of guests. For your loved ones, friends, a multi-course dinner party is not only a great way to connect while sharing delicious food, but it also helps distinguish the weekend from all those other days that have begun to blend.


Below are tips you should consider when planning your dinner party.

1.    Right hand and respiratory hygiene practice

We are all drilled into the art of rigorous hand-washing, and as visitors reach your house, this can continue. Hosts should ensure that guests have sufficient hand sanitizer or soap, and respiratory etiquette should be used by everyone around the dinner table (sneezing or coughing into a tissue or elbow, immediately disposing of the tissue in a bin, washing your hands afterward).

The host must serve all food and beverages. Both food and drinks should be consumed during the evening by the guests, presumably also with washed and clean hands. It would be slower than a party in the form of a buffet. Still, it is essential to avoid leaving secretions on serving spoons, wine bottles, etc. as any infectious guests can unknowingly inoculate others. Alternatively, make everybody sanitize/wash their hands before going through the buffet line if you must have a buffet-style case.

2.    Social Distancing

Everyone should seat 6 feet apart. There is no need to divide up families who live, sleep, and ride together in cars. It suggests that spouses or family members who live together (households) can sit close together, but a minimum of 6 feet away from other homes as indicated by the CDC.

3.    Outdoors if likely, or indoors in a large room

Have dinner outside if the weather and your home permit. The possibility of spreading the virus through the air outside is very low; it has been shown. Consider other larger rooms in your house if you must have dinner inside if you cannot achieve 6 feet of social distance in your dining room. You can play different games, both indoor and outdoor, reading steaks and games reviews will enlighten you on the other games you can play. Try to have the pre-dinner happy hour outdoors, too.

4.    Prepare your guests for the regulations

Make sure that all the guests are conscious of the rules of the house and agree to follow them. Keep reminding them that you are doing this to safeguard the very people and loved ones we need to see so severely.

5.    Ensure your Guests use a facemask

When eating and drinking, this is not practical, so distance is a much more vital method to use. But it is practical please wear a facemask.

6.    Stop kisses, embraces, and handshakes

These could lead to the exposure of direct viruses. Keep in mind that any of us could have asymptomatic COVID-19.

7.    Keep the group limited to 10-12 individuals

The bigger the party, the less likely that anyone would have COVID, so limit the number of guests.

8.    Prepare your house in advance

Sanitize your bathroom surfaces, tables, chairs, doorknobs, etc. For hand drying, use disposable paper towels in your bathroom and kitchen. Have hand sanitizer in your house in different places. It not only keeps your hands clean but reminds everyone to be cautious.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, remember, after this long period of separation, a little inconvenience is well worth a chance to visit with your friends and family safely. Following these practical guidelines for dinner parties based on science can reduce the risk of catching COVID-19. Carefulness, especially with our family and friends, reigns supreme for the predictable coming months and until we have vaccines or other effective treatments.