5 Healthy Weightloss Tips You Need to Know

We have to admit that since the pandemic many of us have gained a little extra weight. This article is meant to provide smart healthy tips on how you can lose weight without compromising your health.

Here are some tips.

1. Set the right weight loss goal

The stage is probably where everybody goes wrong, and you might as well fall short unless you do it the right way.

Setting extreme goals is very unrealistic considering the very undisciplined culture we are living in. You set a goal and you cannot even hit a 20% accuracy.

People sign up for programs based on false advertisements that a certain diet or the specific exercise will help you lose weight in 2 weeks.

Forget about this mindset. Do not envision the result, have a rough idea of your goal but do not invest so much in it.

Breaking down your goals to very small and attainable goals. Take baby steps in your journey rather than time to take everything all at once.

Once you have your goals broken down it is time to work for it.

2. Check on your diet

Start with your diet. We are what we eat. Statistics, whether founded or not, have it that diet takes about 70 to 80% of the weight loss role.

One of my dietary tips is to start by avoiding certain types of foods that are prone to endanger your health and trigger weight gain.

Many dietary programs would recommend you swap the foods you eat in a day with healthier options which are not to say that it’s false but it’s rather an extremely first step.

You are more likely to rebound to unhealthy food when you do a swap rather than an avoidance. After adjusting good eating habits you can now swap your meals with full-on healthier options.

The concept here is to make a slow dietary transition.

3. Weight loss exercises

The remaining 30 to 20% of the weight loss role is played by physical activities.

By far it is the most challenging of all. Exercises in a way stress the body and a person can easily opt-out.

Start with mild exercises that require little effort, for instance walking, then gradually move to intense exercises.

You can also be picky with the sort of exercises that work best for you and the specific outcome you want from them.

For example, crunches and lunges are good for losing belly fat if you do them the right way.

Some yoga exercises are also good for belly fat burning. Yoga also enhances your mental health when you operate meditative practices in them.

The trick with gaining the most out of body exercises is being consistent.

Studies show that it takes up to 60 days to develop a habit and if you can be repetitive with your exercises for about that period, you stand a better chance of losing weight the right way.

4. Support group

One of the healthiest ways to keep up with a huge change in your life is by connecting with people going through the same thing.

Some weight loss companies provide communal groups where subscribers can talk to other people, sharing their goals and progress.

If you cannot have access to a support group your friends and family should at least support you in your journey.

5. Do not compromise your mental health

We lose so much of ourselves trying to find the perfect weight loss program, dietary plan, fitness exercises to a point where our mental health suffers.

The truth is, there is no perfect weight loss program or dietary plans or whatever advertisements are trying to feed you with.

What determines whether you’d be able to power through your weight loss journey is the positive attitude that helps you overcome setbacks and struggles that are bound to happen.

You have to be kind to yourself whenever you fall short of your routine and pick yourself up and do it again and again. Do not tyrannize yourself.


If it is not obvious yet, the healthiest way to lose weight is by taking everything slowly. Do not jump into a vegan diet and start lifting weights the next day, it is not physically and mentally healthy. Take everything slow, one bite at a time.